Storage - Cost


In how many parts are the stems cells stored?

The haematopoietic cord blood transplant units are kept in a two-compartments storage container (bag) and in cryovials to ensure the greatest possible number of viable stem cells. The fact that the storage bag is compartmentalized, offers the possibility of partial thawing. 

How long can we safely keep stem cells?

Stored transplant units have been successfully cryopreserved for a period of more than 30 years. Therefore our company offers the possibility of cryopreserving the samples for 20, 25 or 30 years, depending on parents wish

If I need to retrieve the stem cells, how quickly can I have them? What will the charge be? 

An important advantage of family banking is the umbilical cord units are immediately available, and can be delivered to the transplantation team within days. Spead is of essence when it comes to treating patients.

On the contrary, in case of searching for compatible donor graft in the global pool, the process is much longer.

Stem Health is committed to prepare and transport the cord blood unit to the indicated transplantation center at no cost to the patient and in the most expeditious way possible in case of treating a life-threatening disease for the child or for first-degree relative.


Regarding umbilical cord tissue, Stem Health equally commits that the preparation, transportation and delivery of the units within Greece will be done for free provided that the transplantation is necessary to treat a life threatening disease to the donor child.


What is the cost?

The price for the collection, processing and storage of cord blood units (blood and cord tissue) is highly competitive. Parents can get in touch with the staff of Stem-Health  to learn about the pricing policy. 

If I need more information who should I contact?

Stem-Health is the only family bank in Greece that employs biologists as Parental Consultants. The Parental Consultants of Stem-Health are highly educated, trained to assist parents to understand all the issues related to stem cells and their therapeutic applications. All you need to do is get in touch with a Parental Consultant by phone, e-mail or just visit us at the maternities “MITERA” and “LETO” .


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