Stem-Health is a stem cell bank created with the participation of two leading maternity hospitals “MITERA”  and “LETO”. Stem-Health works together with the two maternities in order to provide superior services to the parents, who choose one of the two maternities. Those parents do not need to acquire the necessary equipment in advance, since the maternities have robust internal procedures developed to ensure that the stem cell collection occurs automatically. Moreover, the Parental Consultants of Stem-Health are present daily in the two maternity hospitals in order to answer any questions parents may have and facilitate the procedures.

In 2011, Stem-Health launched its partnership with the “Hygeia Hospital Tirana” in Albania. Parents who choose this hospital to deliver their baby receive the same high quality service that parents in Greece have been enjoying for years. The umbilical cord blood and cord tissue collected in the Hygeia Hospital Tirana is transported to Stem-Health laboratory in Athens, Greece for processing and storage. 


Stem-Health has a partner network in maternal hospitals in many Greek cities. Specifically Stem-Health has created exclusive partnerships with maternal hospitals in "Saint George" in Edessa, "Agios Dimitrios" in Xanthi, "Leto" in Kavala, "Olympian" in Patras, "Clinical Gavriilaki" in Crete and "Agios Minas" in Kastoria. 


The Stem-Health Parental Consultants-Biologists carry out educational seminars on stem cells in parents and scientists in Attica and other major cities in Greece. These seminars are designed to provide objective information to the parents for  banking the stem cells of their newborn. 



Stem-Health is a member of the Cord Blood Europe organization. Cord Blood Europe is a not-for-profit association of family cord blood banks in Europe. It was founded in January 2009 following the transposition of Directive 2004/23/EG concerning setting standards of quality and safety for the donation, procurement, testing, processing, preservation, storage and distribution of human tissues and cells in all European Member States. The aim of Cord Blood Europe is to promote awareness about the advantages of adult stem cells, to increase the storage of stem cells at birth in Europe and to encourage regulatory convergence in the implementation of European and national legislation ( 


Stem-Health taking into account the responsibility towards community has established a co-operation with Cytolon AG’s.  Cytolon has created an internet-based platform (CordMatch®) that matches cord blood units internationally to allow secure and cost-free communication between clinicians and coordinators with the cord blood product providers. This innovative platform enables immediate and comprehensive search on all registered cord blood data. CordMatch is registered in both Europe and the U.S. Stem Health has already provided 150 cord blood units for allogeneic use to the international pool of transplants and intends to increase the number of the units in the future.


Fact-NetCord, the most recognized global organization in accreditation of cord blood banks, has become a valid partner of Stem-Health.