Is it necessary for a bank to be accredited by FACT-NetCord?

The benefits of banking stem cells with a bank that is  FACT-NetCord accredited are important:

  1. FACT-NetCord is the only specialized accrediting body that controls and sets quality standards in all phases of cord blood banking. Invariably, these standards are always higher than the standards required by national organizations.
  2. The FACT-NetCord standards are developed by groups representing the most eminent scientists in the field of cell therapy. The standards are regularly revised based on results of ongoing research and applications with stem cells (clinical trials)
  3. FACT-NetCord constantly supports the banks that have been accredited with the objective of insuring that the units released meet the highest possible quality standards. FACT-NetCord also makes certain that the accredited banks provide superior service not only to the parents but also to the doctors who are searching for compatible units and to the patients who must undergo stem cell therapy.
  4. The transplant doctors and their patients always feel safe when the transplant units (grafts) come from a bank accredited by FACT-NetCord, because they know that the quality of the unit is guaranteed. It is also important to recognize that FACT-NetCord banks ensure continuity of storage with another bank if for whatever reason they cease operations.