Our laboratory



• Stem-Health is located in an area of 300m2 within Hygeia Hospital . The laboratory, equipment and infra-structure of Stem-Health comply with the safety standards of Hygeia Hospital, the leading private hospital of Greece. Hygeia has been recently accredited by JCI organization (Joint Commission International).
• Stem-Health facilities adhere to the highest safety standards, given that laboratory access is ONLY permitted to our trained laboratory personnel. Visitors are permitted onlyaccompanied by a member of the laboratory.
• As soon as the cord blood unit arrives in the laboratory premises, the information is logged in our computer system, followed by the processing of the unit for the isolation and, subsequent, cryo-preservation of the stem cells in special freezer liquid nitrogen tanks, at extremely low temperatures (-196οC). Microbiological tests and blood analyses are carried out in parallel. Appropriate measures are also in place to ensure that our back-up safety systems will be able to handle any unforeseen event, such as prolonged power failure or a decrease in the level of the liquid nitrogen in the stem cell storage tanks.
• The proof of our commitment to the highest-quality standards to date is that Stem-Health is the first family stem cell bank in Europe that has been accredited by the international organization FACT-NetCord for autologous and directed allogeneic transplantation in 2010 and for .public banking (unrelated allogeneic transplantation), in 2013.
• Stem-Health conforms to the DIRECTIVE 2004/23/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of March 31st, 2004, which determines the quality and safety standards for the donation, provision, control, processing, preservation, storage and distribution of human tissues and cells.